Healing Rivers believes in the power of outreach and connection -- the importance of establishing a network of services, organizations, people, and opportunity.  Not only does this bless our veterans and families, but also those who partner.  As we move forward, we are excited about establishing collaborations with a circle of diversified resources that will benefit both the giver and the receiver.

At this time, we are just beginning the journey to bring our lodge location to life, but are excited to share exactly what we have in mind when it comes to the overall program.  Even though these collaborations are down the road, we believe that sharing our vision helps to give life to our project and so, we share.

Following are a few areas of collaboration being considered as we look forward...


  • Counseling -- Counseling for our guests/families/caregivers will be available as part of the Healing Rivers experience.  We recognize that individuals in school or training to make counseling their career will benefit from "shadowing" a professional VA counselor and would receive hands-on training and clinical time.  Local medical schools/colleges would benefit from establishing a collaboration that would allow their students to work with our counselors and program.


  • Therapeutic -- A similar collab would be available to students seeking clinical time/experience in the varied therapeutic approaches -- cognitive, art, music, play.


  • Spiritual -- The heart of Healing Rivers lies in its commitment to faith as the very foundation of its existence.  It is from this faith that we seek to offer healing to our honored vets by building on the strength and purpose that only HE can provide.  Opening our doors to those who seek to work in fields providing spiritual guidance would be most welcome.


  • Educational -- Children will be a big part of our program -- those of our guests and those from the community.  We understand that students in the field of education are required to spend time in the field and we believe that time spent with the children of Healing Rivers would be beneficial to all.  We invite our local educational institutions to collaborate with us in order to create meaningful classes, events, and activities that will teach and entertain while providing hands-on experience for students.


  • Environmental -- Our land will be our crown of honor and, as such, something to be cherished and protected. It is a primary goal to establish collaborative efforts with environmental resources that will help us to preserve, improve, and inform.  Such connections will include Wildlife and Fisheries, Forestry and Waterways, and educational outreach services.  Working together with these organizations will benefit the program and provide visibility and a resource for environmental awareness to all involved.


  • Craftspeople/Artisans -- Enjoyable hobby and educational programs will be a large part of the activity agenda once established.  Those who have expertise and like to share would be invited to head up a class or workshop in which our vets and/or community could participate.  There is a list of potential workshops listed HERE, but we would welcome suggestions and any questions about offering something special.  Just contact us HERE and we'll get back to you


We encourage you to subscribe in order to receive our newsletter and watch us as we grow.  There will be updates and information about when we will be seeking collaborations and we hope you will consider supporting the project at that time.  If you would like to help us with a donation as we work toward our goal, please click HERE.

Thank you!