Event Boaters/Guides Info

Healing Rivers Boater/Guide Information


Equipment needed to be a boater/guide

  • Boat measuring no less than 16'
  • Jet motor preferred – prop motor is OK but you will need to launch from Goldsboro's ramp.
  • Have all required PA Fish and Boat Commission required safety items such as fire extinguisher, whistle or horn, throw flotation cushion, PFDs for you plus (2) guests, first aid kit, paddle.
  • Extra fishing rods and reels with fresh fishing line spooled (at least one rod/reel for each guest)
  • Gear -- i.e. fishing lures, hooks, bait, etc, -- enough for you and your guests.


Bass Bash Meeting Location:      Harrisburg Postal Grounds, 1500 Roberts Valley Rd. Harrisburg, Pa. 17110

Meeting Time: 5 – 6 AM


Agenda for Event Day

  • Assemble under the Pavilion and help yourself to hot coffee and donuts.  Grab a bag lunch, if you please.
  • Meet with the director for morning briefing, sign waiver of liability, receive your assigned boat #. This # will be used by you and your guests for your door prize drawings.
  • Pair up with one or two veteran guests. Get acquainted with them, make them feel comfortable.  They will ride with you in your vehicle unless they choose to follow in their own.
  • Drive to your preferred fishing hot spot anywhere up or down the Susquehanna River -- from downriver at Goldsboro and upriver as far as Amity Hall launch ramp along the Juniata River.
  • Launch your boat, and ensure life vests are being worn before powering up the gas powered motor.  NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS!  Life vests may be removed, if so desired, when boat is not operating under the gas powered motor.
  • Operate your boat in a fun, exciting – yet SAFE Manner.
  • Assist your guests with tying on lures/baits.  Assist them with where to cast and how to best retrieve the lure for best action.  Net your guest's fish unless he/she doesn't need your help.  Take pictures and video footage of the day's activities.  Note:  we request that pictures and videos be uploaded into a PC located in the Pavilion.  These pics and videos will be used each year to create a new annual video.  See the director for assistance, if necessary.
  • A bag lunch is available for you and your guests, should you choose.  Otherwise lunch is to be discussed among you and your guests in order to determine what is best for everyone.
  • If at any time your guests ask to be returned to the pavilion, please oblige them.
  • You must be out of the water and returned to the Pavilion between 2 and 3pm.
  • Hot meal is served beginning at 3.
  • A live band will entertain us throughout the afternoon.
  • Door prize drawings will begin shortly after 3pm.


All boaters/guides are encouraged to stay for the meal and festivities.  Your spouse/significant other is invited to come out and enjoy the evening as well.  A campfire is available to sit around, so bring marshmallows, if you wish.  Around 7(ish), the event is over and help is always appreciated with cleanup/tear down.

There is NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED on the premises -- NO EXCEPTIONS!


Items of Note:     

There are bathrooms located at the pavilion.  Please be aware of where bathrooms or porta-johns are located, so your guests are not suddenly in need of a bathroom and have no clue where the closest one is.

If coming into this event from a distance, there are several local Hotels near to the pavilion, located along North Front Street, Harrisburg.  If you need help, please feel free to contact the Director.

  • ALL BOATERS MUST be registered as a committed boater/guide.  No Just Show-Ups.
  • Boater/guides are not permitted to show up with their own Combat Veteran guest(s), unless notifying the director in advance.

EVERY PERSON attending the event -- boaters, veterans, volunteers -- must be registered!

THERE IS AN EXCEPTION – All people registered and attending are permitted to have their spouse or significant other show up to enjoy the afternoon entertainment.



Important points:

If anyone has plans to bring gifts for donation, you MUST send them well in advance of the event.  It is important to gather and arrange all gifts before hand.   Please DO NOT SHOW UP with your donated gifts.   If unavoidable, please contact the director in advance to discuss options.

Sponsors wanting to attend, must contact the director in advance to discuss available levels of sponsorship.  Interested in helping with a Sponsorship?  Contact us Here.

A Donation of $100. will get your company's name on the back of our T-shirts.

A Donation of $500 will get your company's name on the back of our T-shirts and a Table to set up at the Pavilion to promote your business (will need to discuss/approve with director)

A significant major corporate sponsor is something that can be discussed with the Healing Rivers Director.


Thank you in advance for helping to make this day memorable for our Veterans!




If you would like to register as a boater/guide for the Healing Rivers Bass Bash Event, please click HERE to provide contact information and to sign your waiver.


If you would like additional information, feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you may have.